Giving Thanks and Doing Penance

New York, you weren't kidding around. You were windy and cold. Your crowds were ruthless and your skating rinks jammed. Your family-owned corner bakery staff had some bite and a lot of heart. Your ladies' haircuts featured bangs and looked dirty but so very cool.

New York, you are feisty and full. And you make for one heck of a great weekend.

Call it lingering Catholic guilt or Western female neuroticism, but after a weekend of this:


And this:

All I want to eat right now is this:

Thanks, friends, for making me laugh so hard I couldn't walk and for putting on a variety show for none-too-amused subway passengers. Also, for not judging me for ordering baby goat tacos at this awesome restaurant (yes, I highly recommend them). I might not see you again until Brooklyn is a bit warmer, but I'm stocked up. At least for a while.


Sharon said...

Sounds like so much fun, and thanks for sharing such great eats - haha, gotta love oats!

Susannah said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for the comment! And yes, oats are a serious staple of my diet--right now, I'm adding pumpkin and cinnamon to mine.