She May Not Be a Beauty

But she's a cheesecake. An amalgamation of some of the richest, most decadent ingredients we've got. Melted butter. Creamed cheese. Heavy cream (a term that's a bit redundant, no?). She's what we're contributing to Thanksgiving this year.

With concentric cracks and some unsightly dark spots, she's no pastry queen. But even if I had the time to smart her up with some (more!) piped cream or (more!) chocolate glaze, I wouldn't do it. Holidays, especially ones during which large families congregate, are decidedly--and deliciously--messy affairs. Blood relatives and people who were once complete strangers mash together for much needed catching up, much too much eating, and much too soon goodbyes. A slightly lopsided cheesecake will fit right in.
As one of the "Non-Bloods" who'll be in attendance this year, I'm just thankful for springform pans, KitchenAid mixers, a husband who does the dishes while I bake, second families, room for all of us, and
one creamy chocolate caramel cheesecake.
Happy Thanksgiving from Nashville.

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